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Pastured Poultry

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The Art of Pastured Poultry

Lots of Chickens

My name is Cody. Since I was little, in my mind all meat was chicken. It wasn't till I was 9 years old that I figured out there actually were different types of meat. So now I have decided to raise my own chickens. My Dad does grass finished beef, so he suggested maybe I could do pastured poultry as well. We got an e-mail from one of my dads friends in Alberta who sent us some pictures and information about Pastured Poultry. We liked this idea, so we modified it to our own situation. We bought three rolls of electric poultry netting, two tarps, and some steel tubing. Using the pictures as kind of a guide we constructed two light-weight portable chicken hoop-houses, then I emailed some friends and family to sell some chickens. When June came around we set up our netting in a square and put the two hoop-houses in, along with a mineral feeder and two waterers. Every couple of days we moved the pen by setting up another pen in advance and just lifting the middle wire.

Cody feeding the chickens

    Why Pastured Poultry is so good.
1.Because the chickens eat fresh grass every day the levels of Omega three are higher.
2.Because they fertilize and improve the quality of the grass they are on.
3.Because they aren't always walking through their own manure.  
4.Because they have access to earth worms and other bugs. 
5.Because the grass makes the meat more tender and juicy than regular chickens.


If you would like to see the differences for yourself then please order some chickens before May 1st. You can contact me at or 1-204-532-2178. The Price is $4.00 per pound. Last year my chickens averaged just around 6 pounds. If you would like bigger ones you need to let me know. They will be ready some time around September Long-Weekend.

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