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Chillon Services

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The name Chillon comes from a small rail siding that used to exist just
south of our farm and we use it for the welding gas and supplies part
of our business. A number of years ago I became fed up with the price of renting oxy - acetylene tanks and started out with a dealership with Quality Tools and Welding Supplies of Saskatoon, SK selling most sizes of the popular welding gases. Today, we can still service those who own their own oxygen, acetylene and mig gas tanks as well as selling certain sizes of some bottles and various other welding supplies. Call us to discuss your needs.

Compressed Gas Cylinder Prices Effective January 1st, 2014

Cylinder Price
Fill Price
K Oxygen 255
S Oxygen 150
Q Oxygen 80


Cylinder Price

Fill Price

WS Acetylene 145
WQ Acetylene 75 


Cylinder Price

Fill Price

T Spatter Free 400
K Spatter Free 300
S Spatter Free 200
40 Nitrogen Alum

S Argon



Other sizes and gases available on special order. I also stock some welding rod and .035 mig wire.

Welding Rods
Price per Kilogram
7018 x 3/32
Call for price
7018 x 1/8
Call for price
7018 x 5/32
Call for price
7014 x 3/32 
Call for price
7014 x 1/8
 Call for price
6011 x 1/8  
Call for price

.035 mig wire

Call for price 

The above prices are retail with GST to be added. Freight is included.

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Last Updated 2/5/2014