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Grip-Fast Farms

About Grip-Fast Farms

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The farm has been a mixed grain and livestock operation over the past decade but is slowly being converted to forages and the use of livestock to harvest it. Doug has taken the Ranching for Profit Course and Dick Diven's Low Cost Cow/Calf School and has been using management intensive grazing techniques for the last several years. Carol and Doug have both taken the Holistic Management Course and are active participants in the Assissippi Holistic Management Club. Current goals include developing a more sustainable operation and improving profitability while finding time for family and community. Improving the environment, protecting the water supply and enhancing the wildlife are also important considerations. At this time our cows are calving in May and June on grass and the cows are pastured all year round. In the winter we use stockpiled forages, swath grazing, and bale grazing. We do not use any grain unless it is still attached to the stalk and cut prior to the milk stage. In summer, the cattle are rotationally grazed on mostly tame forages. Clean water is supplied via pasture pipeline system and portable stock troughs. No antibiotics or growth hormones are used. Any treated animals are marked and shipped through conventional outlets.

At present we are also custom grazing an additional 275
cow/calf pairs. We are currently looking to expand our land base and expand the custom grazing side of the business. If you are interested in investing in cows or stockers and would like someone to manage them - please give us a call.

A cow and her calf

Future goals include improving the genetics of the cowherd with an eye to producing grass finished beef. We have experimented with harvesting some our own grass finished and all natural beef with encouraging results. Currently we require someone to pursue the market development of this product as we would like to focus on production.

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